Bitter Enemies ‘Broadcast’ new EP

Newcastle’s alternative rock five-piece, Bitter Enemies, have released their new, three track EP, Broadcast.

Led by vocalist Ian ‘Max Kreetcha’ Maxwell, and guitarist Richie Hutchinson, the pair formed Bitter Enemies in 2016, and have followed up on their previous offering, Newborn, with this current masterpiece.

Joined by Peter Snowdon (lead guitar), Keith Mills (bass) and Jae Brookes (drums) the lads entertained the local scene before locking themselves away to put this, consisting of Maddie, Vipers and Won’t Be Pretty For Long, their second EP out to the masses.

“We’ve taken our shared influences of electro-industrial music and alternative rock, and created BROADCAST, a blend of old and new, light and dark,” began Max.

“From the haunting ode to an often forgotten Twin Peaks character ‘Maddie,’ the Battlestar Galactica themed, electro-rock song and Kara “Starbuck” Thrace inspired ‘Vipers,’ or the fight or die spirit of True Romance’s Alabama Whorley in ‘Won’t Be Pretty For Long,’ BROADCAST is a celebration of big and small screen, and the women that inhabit the worlds held within!”



Adding to Max’s insight into the themes of Broadcast, Richie describes it as a deliberate progression of the Bitter Enemies ethos in the ever-changing industry.

“It’s a collection of songs that have a thematic and aural connection but they’re not wholly representative of how we sound as a band, although there are hints and nods within each one of what you’ll hear in the future,” explains Richie.

“We’re looking at using BROADCAST to give people a peek into our world and we’re already working on the next one. We have tonnes of material, we just need to get the recording finished.”

BROADCAST, the new three-track EP from Bitter Enemies is available now. You can follow Bitter Enemies on Facebook and Twitter  whilst the EP is available on iTunes


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