Vinyl celebrates inaugural Long Play session

Created out of #Hope when, alongside Teesside perinatal mental health charity, Raindrops to Rainbows, Ian Allcock (EnA Photography) and Lauren Duncan (LD Designs) put on the afore-named event at the Edge/Riverside Lounge throughout what the pair say “was a week of amazing workshops and events put together followed by a closing night full of live music from local bands plus specially commissioned post-natal mental health related original photography and artwork from Lauren and I.”

Twelve months on and Vinyl, as it became shortly after, has been going from strength-to-strength on its native Teesside, so much so that, not only does it offer up a monthly serving of music and arts, it is completely free other than purchasing merchandise that is).

With the continued supported of the venue owners, Mark and Amy Hanson the regular, monthly event contains “local and national originals bands and artists where we give them a stage with a professional PA and sound tech.

“Equally we search the North for the best and artists and photographers and give them space to exhibit their work.

“We then went away and drew up the concept of what we wanted ‘Vinyl’ to be, from the point of view of us as promoters, what did the bands want from playing here, how would we best exhibit the artwork and photography, but most of all what did the public want.

“Teesside did not have a regular night which featured originals bands playing alongside original local artwork.

“We launched in August of last year with Nephilim, A Day in Helsinki and Four Colour Ghosts on the bill along with artwork from Lauren and myself.”

Friendships and professional, working relationships with all concerned has proved a massive factor in the continuing success of Vinyl, more so with the support of the management and staff at the Riverside Lounge, without whom the project may have took longer to achieve, or ultimately not achieve at all.

“I’ll be honest and say it has been nerve wracking; while Lauren has a proven history of facilitating events it was a first for me.

“The main thing for us has been that the venue ‘Riverside Lounge’ in Stockton and the owners Mark and Amy Hanson, have been completely amazing since day one.

“They provide us a budget and let us get on with it, helping wherever they can.

“They have refitted the venue to make it the best in town for this kind of event, invested in a pro PA and lighting and even let us hang art pieces such as graffiti’d car bonnets or plaster casts from the ceiling.

“We are going from strength to strength and are constantly working together as a team to improve the ‘Vinyl’ experience for everyone.”

(Marie Marx, courtesy of EnA Photography)


(James Gray Robson, courtesy of EnA Photography)

In putting events of any nature together the Ian and Lauren always had specific obstacles in which to overcome, the planning booking and finding of participants, and across two different, but equally important, sectors of the Arts & Culture industry.

That and the pair also had to pair in mind what the customer would want as well – not an easy task at the best of times, but they’ve overcome those tests so much so that Vinyl Long Play will prove the ultimate challenge in their short run to date.

“This is a new one for us but it came about quite naturally really.

“It’s the bank holiday, there’s no work the next day for a lot of people, and we came up with the idea of having a relaxed acoustic feel to the late afternoon, as there is a riverside terrace at the venue, before moving into a fuller evening line-up as the night gets louder and the sun goes down.

“We have the new, country-pop feel of Charlea B to kick us off, followed by the return to the local music scene of the ever popular Josh Mannion with his amazing chocolate gravel voice and brilliant guitar.

“Next up is Teesside’s favourite indie-kid, Ellis Rayner, mixing his Catfish and the Bottlemen indie feels with standard pub classics and, making her return to Vinyl is the North East’s very favourite new folk and chilled bliss, Marie Marx, this time fresh off her album promoting tour.

“Ramping up the night a bit we have James Gray Robson and the Lovely Burn an amazing duo who recently played to 300 amazed gig goers in a Teesside garage.

“We are very pleased to have booked the very brilliant Sauvage from Newcastle, and rounding off the night for us we have a band we have wanted to feature for so long, Great Waves.

“There will also be some amazing new artwork from Lauren Duncan and myself too.  What more could you want and all for free.

“Will it be a regular thing, well let’s wait and see, we like to keep things fresh don’t we.”



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