“I’m a spiritual surfer and I don’t know where the wave is coming from, however when it shows up I’m going to ride it.”

Where there’s a will there’s a way and for US rock queen, Vicky Hamilton, she has certainly made sure that she made her way in the toughest genre music has to offer, and did so whilst working with the best.

In the early eighties she took a chance and moved from West Virginia to Hollywood, and never looked back, building up a portfolio of acts that reads as a who’s who of rock  – Motley Crue, Guns n’ Roses, Faster Pussycat, Stryper, Poison and more.

To this day she still rules the rock scene, picking out raw talent and turning them into the rock stars of the future, just ask Clio Cadence and Love Past Blue, or Diane Meyer, or London’s Matt Adey, they’re all under the banner of rock’s blonde bombshell.

Now, as she prepares to release the second edition of her amazing life story, ‘Appetite for Dysfunction’ with a launch at New York’s famous Cutting Room on October 12 (2017), Blondie has opened up about her incredible life as the new book brings everything up to date, and includes a self-penned poem for good measure.

“I had been planning to write a book since the late eighties and actually started to write it nearly ten years ago,” began Vicky.

“I decided to start writing it as I was getting a bit older and the memories were starting to fade.

“I knew it was time! I am releasing a second edition in October with a new chapter! I’m writing it now.

“It’s been a really fun ride for me as it has brought my story full circle. I’ve wrestled many of my past demons to the ground and have begun to forgive things that happened.

“I realize I can only do the best I can in any current moment and there is no changing the past. All I can do is my best and I try and live one day at a time.”

You would think, having worked with the Crue and Guns so early in each other’s’ respective careers, they would be hard to top, however, as the nineties came to its end and either side of the millennium, Vicky enjoyed the moment of her career she is most proud, working with the man in black and the first lady of country music, Johnny and June Carter Cash.

The Cash’s continued and reaffirmed her lifelong love of music which, personal issues aside, has kept her going for so long and, as she approaches her sixtieth next year on god’s green earth, she added:  “I fall in love with the potential of music, it’s such an amazing feeling when you know you have helped people reach their goals, sometimes I am moved to tears of joy for them.

“June Carter Cash use to say every day when we would go to work “Let’s go make a little history,” sometimes we do just that.

“I have led an interesting life with a lot of ups and downs. Not all ending are happy…no rain, no rainbows.

“The fame is a mixed bag, but the joy of knowing in your heart that you helped make musical history, which means something.”

In putting pen to paper and writing her life story Vicky has ensured that any past demons have been quietly put to bed and, with a TV series about her career, Vicky presently in talks with Laura Kightlinger of Will & Grace and Two Broke Girls, now in the offing, she can sit back and redden with pride for all she has achieved in some four decades of music stardom.

“Personally it has let me forgive the past and also have pride in the work I have accomplished.

“I’m no longer terrified of public speaking. Professionally it has given me a really good calling card. I’m getting more opportunities.

“It could mean dreams come true for me.”

Autographed copies of ‘Appetite for Dysfunction’ are available from www.vickyhamilton.com whilst it is also available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble; the updated version is scheduled for release mid-October in New York for a few special nights with her acts Love Past Blue, Ray Goren and Matt Adey plus guests.

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