Fundraising bandwagon gathers pace for young Conway’s world dream


Muay Thai sensation, Tiree Conway, and her loving mother Janine, are adamant that the dream of the fifteen-year-old schoolgirl from Oldham will come true, so much so that, although they have done the majority of the fundraising themselves, they have turned to Go Fund Me to help push them over the line, and smash that £2,000 needed for the pair to go to Bangkok, Thailand for the First International Thai Martial Arts Games & WMBF 3rd World Muay Boran Federation Championships where she will represent the England Junior Team.

Speaking to Janine of recent developments, which has seen the local Villages Housing Association in Oldham provide some assistance, she said: “We’re very grateful of the support that we continue to get and Tiree is absolutely overwhelmed by the response both here in Oldham, and further afield.

“It’s been a tough few years for all of us what with the two deaths in the family in quick succession as well as a few other personal things that have happened. We haven’t used any of that as an excuse though and we’ve carried on regardless, Tiree has carried, and I’m sure she will achieve her dream.

As for setting up the Go Fund Me page (follow link below), Janine added: “We felt it was not only the best thing to d but also the right time to set it up.

“More so after the earlier article was seen and people have been asking for an easier way to donate. I’m just grateful that people are showing the kindness they are, friends and family alike, to help Tiree achieve that dream – thank you”

Peter Mann – Freelance Writer will be following every step of Siam Camp fighter, Tiree Conway’s trip to Thailand.

You can donate to the cause on her Go Fund Me page HERE

You can read all about Miss Conway’ dream HERE



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