NEWS – A most haunted of fundraisers for Sunderland mother


A Sunderland mother-of-four, Katrina Brown, 45, will be taking two relatively new steps into the unknown over the next six months.

Having put an initial trip to Thailand earlier this year on hold Katrina, who is one of the female boxing coaches at Lambton Street ABC, has taken on board the challenge bequeathed her by ‘Project Gambia’ firmly in hand.

First though she has to endure a Halloween to remember and, in turn, conquer a lifelong fear to get to Gambia next March.

“I need to be able to raise £1300 to help get me to Gambia and to do that I’m taking part in a ghost hunt at The Schooner Hotel,” began Katrina.

“This is a challenge for me though as I’m kind of scared of this sort of thing and I’m going to do so by staying in their famous room 30, which is one of the most haunted in the building.”

In fact rooms 28 to 30 are described in Rob Kirkup’s book ‘Ghostly Northumberland‘ (History Press, 2008); as being with ‘dark shadows have been seen regularly. Visitors have reported feeling sick, or dizzy when in these rooms, but as soon as they leave the area they inexplicably feel fine.

‘The spirit of a young boy and a girl have also been seen, and heard, playing in room 28 during the night. Whispering and screams have been heard in this room, often by staff members that have been in the corridor outside when the room has been empty.

‘Visitors to room 30 have complained of a drastic drop in temperature, and when they have tried to leave the room they have found it locked and they have been unable to unlock it. Then, to their absolute horror, they have seen a dark shadowy figure in the room with them. It is said that a man committed suicide in room 30, it is possible that this is the phantom that haunts it to this day,’ – Katrina most certainly has to keep her wits about her.

The sole reason behind this haunting of fundraisers is for Ms Brown to be able to travel to the African country for two weeks in March 2016. Whilst there she is hoping she can make a difference to the natives, even if it’s a small one.

“I was afforded this wonderful opportunity by ‘Project Gambia’ and my going there will be the first time I’ve done anything like this,” she continued.

“The country has a lot of problems and I’m hoping to help by providing fitness and self-defence classes as well as chipping in with their other, ongoing projects such as teaching the children and youths, decorating, building and so on.

“Although the flights are just about covered I’m looking at raising the rest needed before Christmas so we get everything finalised and any extra funds raised will also go straight to the charity as well.”

The fundraising drive for ‘Project Gambia’ also sees a local collection point at The Box Youth Project at Doxford Park where people are asked to call ahead on 0191 5225031 to ensure staff availability.

To find out more about Katrina’s ventures with ‘Project Gambia visit their WEBSITE; to donate and help the cause the visit Katrina’s Go Fund Me PAGE.




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