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summer showdown

Wraith celebrates Summer Showdown announcement with ‘Top 20 Promoter’ tag

(Published in Newcastle Chronicle, Thursday 11 June 2015, p71)

On the back of the announcement by Relentless Promotions that they will be showcasing the ‘Summer Showdown I’ at the Gateshead Academy for Sport a global boxing advisor put out a comprehensive, and detailed, list of the top 50 promoters in Britain.

With a minimum of ten bouts on the bill including a potential big fight for Andrew Buchanan and essentially make-or-break outings for Lewis Scott and Paul O’Hagan all from the Fighting Chance stable the number 20 placing of Tyneside promoter, Steve Wraith, should not be sniffed at.

“Granted it has been put out there for debate purposes but it’s an interesting read,” began Steve.

“The top ten are there on merit and, in honesty, would be easy to pick with (Eddie) Hearn obviously the top promoter, he had a great work ethic.”

The top five is quite predictably a who’s who of professional boxing – Eddie Hearn, Francis Warren, Barry McGuigan, Dennis Hobson and Steve Goodwin, all of whom made big strides during 2014 on which the list is based.

McGuigan may be the surprise entrant in that top five, as is Nisse Sauerland at ten, even David Coldwell (12) Mickey Helliet (24) Ricky Hatton (28) and Tommy Gilmour (41) have differing placings.

“I was happy to see myself placed at number twenty as we’ve worked hard and done our best over the past three years,” Steve continued.

“More so with the shoestring budget but, when you’re working alongside Fighting Chance then we’ve definitely done something on Tyneside. Maybe if someone else had compiled the list I’d be elsewhere but I’d still be delighted with any placing in the top 50.”

London-based boxing advisor and web editor at ES (Ellie Seckbach) News, Matt Hamilton provided insight behind the production of the power list. The primary factor for which was the revenue brought in, and the number of shows produced throughout last year.

“Yes there were some surprises in there, even to me,” began Matt.

“I was actually contacted by a German company earlier this year to provide analysis of the promotional scene in the country so this was a common sensical list of those promoters for whom young, upcoming fighters can go to, make them more aspirational.

“Overall though there’s not much differentiation once you break away from the top three to five promoters. There is a model in there though, a plan for promoters to work to and be able to progress in the sport to.

“The application of both mathematics and logic to the sport, whether promoter or fighter, is something that interests and I hope to be able to advise and consult both sides of the sport, fighters and journalists alike.”

Either way, for Steve Wraith and Relentless Promotions it’s welcomed news as they head into the second half of the fight year.

Alongside the Fighting Chance trio will be a few possible debutants as well as Anthony Hardy, Liam Cammock, Tom Whitfield, Owen Raine and headlined by non-other than ‘Tasty’ Travis Dickinson as he looks to push aside that loss to Chadlioui at the Arena in April.

“We can certainly move forwards with this under our caps and it gives us something to aim for and I’m there on merit really,” Wraith admitted.

“It’s also nice to see Phil in there, even if it’s lower than expected. He gave me the leg-up in boxing and we continue to work together. He does his job for Sunderland and I do mine for Newcastle and Gateshead – it’s also nice to see Newcastle finish above Sunderland in a league table again.”

Matt Hamilton’s in-depth piece on the ‘Top 50 Promoters’ can be found at Boxing Tonight whereas tickets for the ‘Summer Showdown I’ are on sale now from all fighters and Wraith Promotions priced at £35 standard and £75 ringside; VIP packages are also available.

The show is sponsored by Grosvenor Casino Newcastle, and Ideala Health, proud sponsors of Relentless Promotions and professional boxing in the north east.




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