A Fighting Chance for Scott on his return


Scott looking at making an impression on return  

Fighting Chance pugilist, Lewis ‘Too Hot’ Scott, 5-1(4), makes his return at Dunston’s Lancastrian Suite following some five months on the side-line with a shoulder injury.

At Resurrection last November Scott’s injury saw a first blot on his record when suffering a fourth stoppage reverse against Scotland’s Rhys Pagan in an International Maters contest.

For the Newbiggin starlet the injury is now forgotten, but the pain of defeat still rankles and a rematch is much wanted.

“I would be interested in a rematch with Rhys and I’ll harp on at Ronnie until I do get it,” Lewis began.

“The injury is done and dusted now, dead and buried as far as I’m concerned. Being with Ron and Gary, they’re giving me all the experience they have to offer as well as affording me plenty of time.

“It’s forging not only good, working relationships but some good friendships with the coaches and the other fighters. I’m in the gym five days a week as well now and I can’t wait to get back in there and I’m enjoying training and sparring immensely.”

As he heads into a much welcome return ‘Too Hot’ is scheduled to face ‘Lucky’ Simone Lucas, 7-25-4(1) over six rounds, a fighter coming off the back of claiming the British Masters Bronze light middleweight strap last time out against Wayne Reed.

Records never tell the full story of the fighter and it will prove with Lucas, a point Scott is well aware of.

He added: “At the moment I’m facing Simone Lucas (on May 1) and it’s going to be a test for me but that fight has what I need in order to move forward from there.”

Now though it’s all about moving forward. Granted there are five wins already on his fight record, four of which are via stoppage, but that’s all past now, five months in the wilderness are testament to that one.

Scott though has never been one to rest on his laurels and, from day one in the professional rank has always called it how it is.

“I really think they (Ron, Gary and co) will bring out the best of my abilities and people will see a different Lewis Scott come fight night.,” said Scott.

“Maybe I had fallen into a rut (when going into Pagan bout) and, in a way, I’m kind of pleased it’s happened as early as it did and now I’m just going to write it off.

“It’s about what happens in the future and we’ve looked at changing what’s been needed, looked at my power, speed, accuracy, developed myself into a better model.”

Tickets for the Relentless Promotions, in association with Fighting Chance Promotions, Friday Fight Night show, at the Lancastrian Suite, Dunston on May 1 are available from all fighters on the bill and direct from http://www.wraithpromotions.com or calling 0191 2299632 starting at £35 standard.





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