Two Limbed Dolls to support Bumblefoot and Twister


Ambitious Dolls looking to spread their limbs on Bumblefoot showcase

When Tuesday night wraps up a band of near unknowns outside the banks of the Tyne (and the Bay) will have been thrust into the spotlight – Two Limbed Dolls are looking to make the most of their opportunity.

The now five piece band from Whitley Bay, following the very recent addition of Josh Gellert, are stunned at their addition to the Bumblefoot gig. Alongside County Durham quarter, Twister, this melodic set of lads, Dom Johnson, Dillon Home, Alex Scott, Liam Smith, and Josh, will take to the stage for what will be the biggest night of their lives.

Speaking ahead of their turn in the spotlight guitarist Alex Scott said: “We’ve played gigs in and around the Newcastle area for some time now but are always on the lookout for that big one.

“This works well with us and we’ve know of and worked with Steve in the past so we’re glad that he remembered us and was able to provide this opportunity, especially for something like this. We’ll definitely be playing a lot of new material as this will be the first time we’ll have performed as this five piece so fans will definitely get their money’s worth on the night, that’s for sure.”

It has been a long and often erratic rise for the Bay boys, but they are more than ready for their turn in the spotlight. From jammin’ as school mates to a burnt down garage, they’ve seen it all and live to tell the tale.


“Liam, Dom and Dillon have been together since they were at school and, although I only came on-board about two and a half years ago, it honestly feels a lot longer, in a good way,” Alex added.

“Josh however has only been with us a matter of weeks so it’s great timing on his behalf. We did feel as though we needed someone on board to do the keys so he’s definitely a great addition to the group, and a much welcome one at that.”

Moving forward and realising their ambitions Alex, Dom and company are glad of the opportunity to test out their new gear after a freak accident put paid to the last, admittedly ageing, set.

“We have plenty of ambition to move forward as a band,” Alex continued.

“We’ve just been biding our time and maintaining the right consistency for the material in which we produce, and that’s something we are really happy with now. We will get out there and get our music heard, starting on Tuesday night at the O2 Academy.

“As for the incident with the fire, we’ve had to overcome the recent burning down of Liam’s garage which housed our equipment and where we did a lot of practising. We’ve had to get a whole new set of equipment for this show so it will also be the first outing with them as well, it looks like it’s been a kind of blessing in disguise really.”

Tickets for the Bumblefoot gig, supported by Twister and Two Limbed Doll are available from the bands direct and priced at £12.50; for Two Limbed Dolls followers you can contact any of the band members or through their Facebook page.

“We’ll be announcing a new gig on the night so make sure you’re all there, that and we are looking at releasing an A, and B side single in the summer which you’ll all like” finished Alex. 



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