Rose, Cardle, Arnfield and the Prizefighter – Preview


(Images courtesy of Karen Priestley Photography and sponsored by Fylde Coast Boxing)

Blackpool boxing reaching new heights as Winter Gardens takes centre stage  

The world famous Winter Gardens, the heart of Blackpool, long since an entertainments venue first staged a professional boxing show in May 1963 when heavyweights Brian London and Don Warner clashed over eight gruelling rounds.

Since then the venue has gone from strength to strength, eventually taking over from the Tower Circus, whom had held court on Blackpool boxing for nearly a century (1917-2011). Hosting close to five hundred shows the venue had a lull during the nineties as other small halls took turns, with the new home of Blackpool Boxing taking a central focus point.

It has only been since the turn of the millennium though that Winter Gardens has taken the gloves and ran, with a July 2004 show featuring an impromptu headliner in former professional Jeff Thomas who defeated Anthony Hanna over six rounds.

Now, in their first show of 2015, Blackpool boxing and Matchroom Sport take centre stage once again as Rose, Cardle and the Prizefighter tournament rolls into town. And what a show it is!!


Former world title challenger Brain Rose takes on Carson Jones for the WBC International light middleweight strap; undefeated Jack Arnfield enters a mouth-watering  prizefighter tournament alongside several undefeated fighters; another unbeaten talent, Scott Cardle has been added to the Blackpool dream card as those who want to be, will be in attendance.

The late addition of Cardle means that three of the biggest names in recent boxing history in the Fylde Coast area will be sharing the same fight card as the Lancashire coastal town reaches new heights.

Speaking of the challenge which lies ahead for the trio the experienced Rose said: “It is going to be tough for all of us but I know as to how good we are, and can be.

“Jack (Arnfield) and me have trained together since we were kids and I know it will mean alot to him in what looks like a great prizefighter. He can hold his own, I’ve no questions there, and we all can. This is what the fans come to Blackpool to see and will be a sell-out on a different scale, a crowd that will spur us all to victory.”

As the mainstay on the Lancashire coast the Winter Gardens has held many a show and the fans flock there in large numbers to cheer on their favourites be it the trio appearing on Valentine’s Day, or the like of Askin, Little, newcomers McCloy and Davies. They know their sport and they know their fighters, and it shows.


“The Winter Gardens is easily one of the best for me,” claimed Arnfield.

“It’s an absolutely fantastic venue as the support in which we get there. They regularly pack the place out and it will definitely be the same for this one as well, I’m sure of it.”

For this specific trio however the show is all about keeping the coastal town of Blackpool firmly on the boxing map and their continued success will help that goal to be achieved. The addition of the undefeated Cardle definitely adds extra spice and kudos to it as the countdown continues to tick away.

For Arnfield, the chance to show not only his skills and abilities in the ring, but also his appearance on something as potentially huge as prizefighter gives him an opportunity to stamp his own little piece of Blackpool folklore.

“This is going to be a top night, a great night of boxing and I’m pretty confident as I always am,” added Arnfield.

“I’m going in there to win the competition; it opens up massive doors to fighters as it has shown over the years.”


With Cardle he’ll be using his Winter Gardens appearance as a tune-up for his British title shot later in the year, continuing his own progression through the ranks and following in Brian’s footsteps.

“Rose vs Jones is a massive fight and the atmosphere will be electric,” Cardle continued.

“Blackpool has always been a boxing town so it’s about time they got this kind of recognition; as for me, I’m going into 17 fights unbeaten now and challenging for the British title so I’m happy. However, personally, I don’t think I’ve started yet.

“I’m mandatory for that so I’m hoping to get something in the next few months and that’s what I’ve been training towards. Hopefully Brian and I can top a Blackpool bill as it’s been a while since I’ve fought there and I’d love to defend the British title here.”

The camaraderie amongst the professional fighting contingent on the Fylde Coast is second to none with all the lads rooting for each other whenever and wherever they can, most will be in attendance tonight even though the like of Matty Askin and Adam Little have upcoming bouts of their own to contend with.

Askin, the current English cruiserweight champion paid his respect to the impact Rose has had on his own career and said of ‘The Lion’ and his upcoming challenge: “Brian’s led the way and has been brilliant.

“If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have the English (cruiserweight) title and it’s been amazing to see that rise happen – Blackpool boxing is going to be booming for the next few years at least.

“Facing Jones is going to be tough for him but he’s more than capable. Jones is a tall, rangy fighter who can punch some so I can see that fight lighting up the venue.”

On the otherhand, Little is just starting out on his rise to the top and will soon be defending he Central Area welterweight title.

“I think all this is great,” he added.

“You always look at the bigger cities like Manchester, Liverpool, but Blackpool has been fantastic lately and we’re all bouncing off each other and we’re looking at this together and what would be great would be a night with us all on the same card, that would be amazing.

“As for the Rose, it will be an interesting, exciting fight, more so if Jones turns up because he can be hard work for anyone. Rose though, if he doesn’t get involved and peppers him, uses his head and tactics, will do just fine.

“The prizefighter is also very interesting and Jack has that desire, the hunger to add something great to this tournament. The additional unbeaten fighters adds an intriguing slant to the game and I’m looking forward to seeing it all carried forward in Blackpool.”




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