Northern Roots the epitome for Custom-made trailblazers


Custom made for regional and international athletes alike

With clients across a variety of sporting disciplines Tyneside company, Custom Diets, have become trailblazers in the world of performance and nutrition. Their record speaks for itself, a register consisting of numerous champions and high profile athletes that is the envy of others.

The senior trainers within the bespoke nutrition and fitness establishment are just as talented as their clients with Sharon Madderson, herself the Senior Personal Trainer, leading the way. As part of the bodybuilding team, ‘Madderson Muscle’ husband Graham is also the Custom Diets Preparation Coach, and a world-renowned one at that.

Mrs Madderson’s immense bodybuilding experience dates back to over a decade and has become such that, as an IBFF pro bodybuilder since 2010, has collected the Ms England, Ms UK, British Championship and European Cup honours as well finishing as a runner-up in America’s Arnold Classic.

The talent which they posses come from far afield, they are known pretty much on a global scale. They will however, never let go of their regional roots for it is that which helped build the brand they have become. Christopher Davison, Performance Nutritionist, is adamant when it comes down to what matters the most.

In speaking of a year (2014) which saw multiple champions crowned, including local boxers Anthony Nelson (English super flyweight) and Lee Mould (Northern Area welterweight), he said: “We have a generic, winning formula and are a force to be reckoned with.

“With that in mind it’s good that we can get an insight into how any specific individual works as we build up a long-term rapport with them. That is definitely something with which we aim to continue and what shows in our extensive client base.”

The list of clientele has been recently expanded to include international Rugby Union star, Adam Powell, of the Newcastle Falcons.

With Custom Diets sponsoring the inside centre formerly of Saracens as part of a new venture between them and the Falcons it will be a move that not only keeps them at the forefront of the industry but one which shows intentions of continuous progression.

“Our clients, irrespective of their sporting discipline, are equally of not higher respected within their chosen fields,” Chris continued.

“With what we have here it’s a nice feeling and we are very proud of our local connections. The achievements we’ve made is rather humbling and our grassroots foundations are a very solid one for what is, right now, an international name.”

Away from Madderson and Powell, and the boxers Nelson, Mould and Anthony Hardy, the list of local talent has afforded a strong interest in the world or professional bodybuilding. Champions at different levels of the game can be seen as Paul Callender (Mr North Britain), Jack Stokle (Jnr Mr Universe) whose own fitness company is working closely with Custom Diets to develop up and coming talent, and Gemma Dooney (NABBA North Britain champion), as well as Louise Ranson (UKBFF Bikini champion) pushing the boundaries to the extreme and beyond.

For those at Custom Diets that talent they have, and that which is within, is a cornerstone of their establishment and for something which, for Chris at least, began in the Mal Gates gym over seven years ago, the growth has been incredible.

“I began by helping local boxing trainer Mal Gates back in 2007,” Chris continued.

“That, along with my own personal knowledge and experience, not only worked in the performances that have been recorded, but in the people, the athlete themselves.”

Now the questions are, what is the future of Custom Diets, what’s next?

Well, not only will they be working closely with the Newcastle Falcons and Adam Powell; their boxing and bodybuilding clientele look set to continue their title success; and they themselves are branching into the amateur fight scene with Sunderland’s Lambton Street ABC, a venture both parties are looking forward to and one which certainly continues to solidify those Northern Roots.

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