Wraith and Cox becoming Relentless


Preparing for a ‘Relentless’ future

The landscape across the north-east is about to change as we ring in the New Year with ‘Relentless Promotions’ preparing to cause a storm.

Tyneside duo, Steve Wraith and Danny Cox, of Wraith Promotions and Precision Sports Management respectively are, as of Christmas Eve, combining their impressive pool of contacts and resources.

Whether it is for sporting endeavours, musical prowess, or corporate events, Relentless Promotions have the tools available to provide that professional platform that will become the envy of many.

Being based in the heart of Newcastle, and close to Central Station with its surrounding venues will also afford such an amalgamation every opportunity for links to places far and wide, the pairing will utilise that fact to the maximum.

It is a venture which has been in the offing for some time and the pair, who have worked very closely together for the past three years and more now are very much ringing in the new for 2015 with Steve Wraith saying: “I’m delighted to be able to work alongside Danny in this business partnership.

“Although this is new for him it’s not for me as I’ve done this before and we’ve got some big plans going into the New Year and beyond – lots of music, sports, after dinner events, you name it; our events calendar is starting to look very busy.”


At Precision Sports, Danny Cox is ready to take that next, big step saying: “I’m excited for 2015 and what it brings.

“It’s a thrilling prospect to be at the forefront of what promises to be an exciting new venture, for both of us. The timing I feel is right for us to do this now, on both sides, as we look to make forward strides as one entity, a strong entity.”

Bringing events to the region, and elsewhere, has been the forte of both parties for a number of years and that will continue in earnest with both keeping their respective companies, Wraith Promotions and Precision Sports, for supported, individual ventures.

Steve added: “Although I couldn’t be happier with what was a fantastic, early Christmas present, I have a lot happening personally as well whether it is related to The Krays, or other personal ventures.

“I’d also like to do pantomime again next Christmas having not done any the past two years and will be continue with acting and writing myself.”

The strength and pull in which the duo has was recently brought to the fore when they announced that they would be the northern face of Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing enterprise, a role Danny Cox played a huge part in, and one the pairing now feel is a great foundation with which to build their own empire.

“We are hoping that the relationship we have built up with Eddie continues to not only blossom but open up further doors for us,” continued Steve.

“That in itself affords plenty of potential for events in the area which we are willing to discuss and bring forth, starting with the talk-in with Mr Hearn himself on April 3.”

Danny also sees the potential of the boxing market in the area and, whilst continuing to push his own work with the Scandinavian Darts Corporation, knows the meaning this ‘Relentless’ venture will bring.

He concluded by saying: “This venture will be the best thing that has happened to the sport in the region, certainly in recent memory at least.

“We aim to give all athletes a professional platform in which they can perform, not a one with which to score political points off of others.”

There will be further announcements regarding ‘Relentless Promotions’ as we head into the New Year.





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