In depth with Wraith and Cox on ‘that’ Hearn deal; and more


Exciting times ahead for North East Boxing

“Matchroom has had great success elsewhere so why not here, it is definitely something that can happen here in the north east as well” Steve Wraith on the arrival of Eddie Hearn.

Monday afternoon ushered in a new era for north east boxing.

The combined powers of Steve Wraith’s Wraith Promotions, and Danny Cox’s Precision Sports Management, was in full effect as St. James’ Park provided the backdrop for a very big coup.

Matchroom Boxing and Eddie Hearn rolled into Toon as they prepared to unveil local, unbeaten welterweight prospect, Bradley Saunders, as their latest signing.

The north eastern duo of Wraith and Cox will finally bite the proverbial bullet early next year and come out as a joint force but it’s this which has been their icing on the cake after what has been twelve long months of plugging away and getting things right.

It is days like Monday which everyone dreams of and there were no disappointments, from any of the parties involved.

For the likes of Wraith and Cox the process, and eventual outcome, couldn’t have been much better.

Managing Director of Wraith Promotions, Steve Wraith said: “Eddie has stated already as to how much he enjoyed his visit to the region and the warm welcome he received as well as being able to work with us in the future.

“Not only that but he was impressed by and very receptive to what the people that were there had to say and took some very good points on board. This is definitely something that we are all serious about, so much so that Danny Cox and I are a partnership and will be launching a joint business venture early in the New Year.

“Danny played a major part in all this and is something that has been going on and building up for a good twelve months. Then, lo and behold, Eddie phones us up on Friday about Bradley and asking if we can get a press conference together on Monday.

“Having someone like Eddie’s calibre and stature here was an immense pleasure and it show that, in taking that opportunity, gave us all a buzz, an injection, as to how good the future would be and in doing so having the biggest promoter not only in British Boxing, but World Boxing, promoting in our area.

“During this time though we’ve built good relationships with the likes of Phil Jeffries, Ronnie Rowe, Lewis Pendleton, Mal Gates and others here, as well as Steve Goodwin et al further afield. With Matchroom and their recent introduction of the ‘Matchroom Pass’ we’ll also get the added bonus of the likes of Anthony Joshua, Luke Campbell, and of course Bradley Saunders, making regular appearances in the region which can only be good for not only April 4, but beyond that as well.

“Before that we will look at a potential date in February for the ‘Matchroom Pass’ in February including some of our local lads at somewhere like Temple Park in South Shields (where Anthony Nelson recently won the English Super Flyweight title) or at the Leisure Centre in Gateshead (where Bradley Saunders made his professional homecoming).


Managing Director of Precision Sport Management, Danny Cox said: “I’ve worked in partnership with Steve Wraith on the boxing since the very first pro show and it was always our desire to work with Eddie and Matchroom.

“I’ve known Eddie for several years through my involvement with professional darts and he was gracious enough to spend some time with Steve and I in London, it was there we presented our blueprint for North East boxing. In the time since that meeting we have steadily built a solid infrastructure which is a solid foundation for all of our shows. Our fighters can have 100% trust in us which allows themselves and their teams to focus on the important things -winning fights!

“I’d always be sending Eddie texts and emails giving him updates and when Bradley came to the end of his commitment with Frank Warren the decision for Matchroom to introduce themselves to the North East was made easy for two main reasons, Brad’s phenomenal talent being the main reason and secondly our own hard work over the last few years has shown the appetite.

“For boxing in the North East is as alive as the days when 5000 would fill St. James’ Palace several times a week for Boxing. I’m excited about the fact we will be bringing Matchroom ‘Fight Pass’ shows to Newcastle and the thought of more World class talent from Tyneside emerging over the coming years. Roll on April 4th!”

IN ADDITION – Steve Wraith and regional ‘rival’ Mark Clauzel have been in a war of words in recent times and, no matter what people can and do say, either face to face or on Social Media, the facts are it is between the two and should be sorted that way. On this Steve added: “Mark and I have had our ups and downs but it’s really nothing serious.

“We have own, individual game plans and will both stick to it but, if we can work together and do business together then it’s time for honesty and we can also work together collectively, with all the promoters in the region.

“It’s also well known the reasons why things are as they are between us, and it’s two specific ones at that. We’re never going to agree on it but let’s both put up the white flag  and move ahead as we mean to and if there’s any problems then we talk about them face to face, not over social media sites.”






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