Caught in a Twister


Rock n Roll Dreams Come True

County Durham can soon have a new claim to fame if rock band Twister has anything to do with it.

Whether you’re frontman Stevie Stoker, wild child Kyle Hughes, or axe men Karl Stott and Ed Bell, this quartet will not only leave it all on the stage but, with their increasingly infamous crowd interaction, will leave you begging for more – they literally are ‘that good.’

The band, who are fulltime artists travelling the length and breadth of the country and producing solo or full band, acoustic or full vocal sets certainly put their home on the map.

You can see why it’s a living for the lads as well because, irrespective of track be it ‘Jackie’s Dance’ or ‘Famous Last Words’, ‘Burn it to the Ground’ or ‘Fortune Follows the Bold’ they will leave you in that much of a ‘Feeding Frenzy’

Prior to their appearance at the recent Oxjam Durham, where they were the astounding addition as headline act, lead singer Stevie Stoker said: “It’s definitely something we are looking forward to and pleased we’ve been asked to attend.

“We’re a local band and more than willing to support local causes. Our second album, ‘Someone’s Gotta Lie’ was released earlier this year and we are looking at three EP’s out and a tour of Germany in the next twelve months.”

OXJAM Durham 19 Oct 14

OXJAM Durham 19 Oct 14

OXJAM Durham 19 Oct 14

(Above Oxjam images courtesy of Justin Gooch Photography)

It was a period in which they did Staffordshire to Scarborough, Durham to Devon as the band racked up the music miles. Not only is the gigging and travelling racking up their time, they still have the ability to pen their own original tracks.

Continuing Stevie added: “We started doing our own material around 2009 but one of our latest tracks; ‘Feeding Frenzy’ has been doing brilliantly, even more now we’re signed up.

“We’re going to be looking at three further EP releases over the next twelve months or so, that on top of a Germany tour next month (December) but we like the local scene as well, we’ll never lose that.

“We like the craic and camaraderie on shows like this one as there’s some good bands in the area but it’s a big commitment but something we love doing.”

Nothing and I mean nothing will surprise you with these and the sounds will reverberate for years to come, their 45 minute set at Oxjam was testament to that fact.

To keep up to date with Twister follow their progress on FACEBOOK or TWITTER 

More of their music will be gradually updated on their YouTube CHANNEL




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