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There are numerous factors which plays an important part in the functioning of a top class athlete. Basic training, strength and conditioning, psychology, nutrition, you name it and they’ll be there in some form or another.

At Custom Diets in Newcastle, Christopher Davison and his team have been aiding in the supplement of nutrition to athletes for a number of years. Shirking the limelight they’ve aided persons at home, and abroad, with their dietary needs and helped form the background of the modern day champion.

Sports writer Phil Nourse stated in an article about the ‘importance of getting right the balance between food intake and training’ in his piece ‘Bulking for Boxers’ (Boxing News Health & Fitness: Nutrition – Special Edition No1) that: “Numerous fighters have asked me whether they should take up resistance training , fearing that it will make them gain weight.

“The first key point to understand is that weight training does not make you gain weight. It is eating more food/calories than you burn that causes your bodyweight to increase. Weight training is simply the stimulus to hopefully make a greater percentage of the weight gain be stored as muscle tissue.”

On Tyneside Mr Davison and his staff have been creating that mould for athletes to tune their body to meet the need in which their constant training hits it with. Look no further than the recent professional boxing show in South Shields as testament of success.

Of the nine home fighters on show Custom Diets are sponsors for four of them, including the new English super flyweight champion, Anthony ‘Babyface’ Nelson. All four fighters won a feat that may well have gone unnoticed to the untrained eye.

“Nelson and the rest of the lads are a great, dedicated set and that, for us at Custom Diets, makes it all the more worthwhile,” said Chris Davison.

“With a good set of clients we have athletes from both at home and abroad, as well as having catered for the likes of Savannah Marshall and Bradley Saunders in the past along with Nella, Anth Hardy, Lee Mould and Tom Whitfield today.”

Working with the genial stature of someone like Mal Gates is something which several people are being drawn to of late. Custom Diets have been alongside him for a number of years however and worked with several of his fighters, the success of Nelson though epitomises that work.


(Above Anthony Hardy; below Anthony Nelson – Images courtesy of Singe Vert Photography)


“We’ve been working with each other since 2007 and I’ve been in the game of boxing nutrition for at least twice that time,” continued Christopher.

“Not only that but, with my team at Custom Diets we also look after International Bodybuilding among other sports, Sharon and Graham Madderson are the ideal trainer and coach for that set-up.

“I was a lecturer at Gateshead College and Northumbria University when Mal (Gates) came across me and it’s just gone on really well from there. We’ve helped influence the lads that have been through his gym and the results have been phenomenal.

“What people don’t realise is that there is a lot of work goes on behind the scenes which for example showed in Lee Mould’s previous fight when he beat John Watson, we worked a lot on his speed in the build-up to that outing.”

With the implementation of the Custom Diets bespoke nutrition and fitness plans no athlete will have to worry about how their diet can affect their training, and vice versa.

“I always calculate for mistakes and any human error that occurs,” continued Christopher.

“Every client we, or any other business has, is different, as is their nutritional intake and we have to be able to cater for situations like that. Their conditioning has to be as technical as it is accurate as they have to reach a specific target and there’s a lot of preparation needs doing for that to be able to happen.”

It isn’t just the continuing success of people like Anthony Nelson and Bradley Saunders that have people knocking on the door of Custom Diets. Undefeated welterweight, Horden’s Anthony Hardy is also being put out there as one of their success stories with Christopher Davison adding: “We’re becoming one of the main ports of call to go to for nutritional purposes within the UK fight scene.

“You just need to look at people like Anth Hardy to see why. If someone like him can look the way he does then that’s down to the nutritional intake which people like us have provided and supported them through.”

Custom Diets are a professional sports team of sports nutrition consultants and strength & conditioning coaches who work with you on a one to one basis. Our mission is to help you get fitter, faster, stronger and to achieve the body look you desire.

Based in Newcastle we can cater for your sporting needs through our dedicated team of Christopher Davison (Performance Nutritionist), Graham Madderson (Bodybuilding Prep Coach), Sharon Madderson (Professional Bodybuilder – Personal Trainer) and Dan Weatherspoon (Sports Nutritionist).

For further information and to book their services visit their WEBSITE mentioning where you heard about them (Peter Mann Freelance Writer)



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