X Factor Wildcard shot for Tynesider Mull


Tynesider Geoff Mull affords thoughtful insight into another X Factor disappointment, but is there a twist to come

Television reality shows are famed for throwing in a twist and ITV’s the X Factor is no different.

For one contestant the new twist can work for his benefit after what was heartbreaking disappointment a few weeks ago.

Wing your way into the north east and into Low Fell, Gateshead, you’ll come across one of the most down to earth guys the region is producing.

At 22, Geoffrey Mulholland (who works under the name Geoff Mull) is making ripples in the music industry and for the ‘bigwigs’ he’s just getting started. However, ask anyone in this neck of the woods then they’ll tell you that ‘Geoffaz’ has been around for a few years now.

In an interview back in late 2012 Mull said of the start of his music career that: “I’ve been competing and doing more and more music over the past five years or so.

“I’ve even done the X Factor and been to the boot camps twice in the past few years and reached the last thirty in the boys’ category in last year’s (2011) competition.”

Fast forward near 24 months and it really has been the proverbial rollercoaster for the Geordie formerly tagged as being ‘The Singing Boxer’ due to his relatively successful amateur boxing career. Now it’s music all the way and, having been ousted by close friend Paul Akister in this year’s competition another chance may just be presenting itself to the singer.

The boys’ category, under their mentor ‘Scary Spice’ Mel B, has Paul alongside Andrea Faustini and Jake Quickenden wooing and wowing the crowds as the go to the live shows. The twist though sees the addition of a wildcard chosen by one of their fellow judges – Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh or Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. One will get the chance to rekindle someone’s hopes and dreams.

For the Tyneside favourite it will be a chance to make up for lack of progression at recent year’s appearances, and the shock at being ousted in this year’s Six Seat Challenge.

“It was heartbreaking for me to go out of this year’s competition the way I did,” Mull admitted.


“This has been my fifth year on the show but the furthest I’ve got in terms of television coverage and the challenges presented for me. My first entry was back in 2008 and in last year’s I became friends with Paul (Akister). Since then we have kept in touch and it is quite funny how things have worked out now for the two of us.

“We’ve stayed close in this one and I’ve also had a good laugh and joke on with Jake (Quickenden) as well. With both of those making the live shows I wish them well and, who knows, I could be there myself soon.”

Mull’s X Factor experience this year has seen him perform four songs, so far anyway. He began with his signature ‘Better Man’ in the room audition before garnering attention with ‘I can feel you my Son’ in the arena audition, both original tracks.

Progressing to Bootcamp and the singer would join three others to produce Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ and then, when down to the final fourteen boys it would be Christina Perry’s ‘A Thousand Years’ that nearly, so very nearly, sent Mull to Judges Houses.

“I managed to stay right up until the last season was decided, the dying moments really,” Mull continued.

“Yes it was heartbreaking but on the plus side my profile has increased dramatically because of it. The best thing though was going back to my old secondary school, the Thomas Hepburn Academy (Gateshead).

“It was a dream for me to be able to go back and to be able to perform in front of those children, and my former teachers. The last few years that I had there were the best years really and I had to knuckle down heard as I realised I wouldn’t get far without doing so.”

Now though the former boxer turned musician is awaiting what the outcome of the poll will bring, and whether the musical moguls will take note of the result.

“I’ way ahead of Jack and Charlie in the poll,” said Mull.

“If I’m there when the voting closes then it’ll be very interesting to see what happens next. The result will definitely make people think as to who they are looking towards and why and it will definitely make a fuss that’s for sure.”

To vote on the Radio Times poll for Mel B’s X Factor wildcard click HERE and vote for Geoff Mull (voting closes at 5pm on Friday 8 October)

You can follow Geoff Mull’s progression on either FACEBOOK or TWITTER and to listen to his music down the years then check out his YOUTUBE CHANNEL 

In addition Geoff will be looking to release a new single, and accompanying video, before Christmas and will be entitled ‘Say My Name.’ He is also aiming to have his second album released in the New Year.  


Interview with Geoff Mull for December 2012 can be found HERE


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